Fish Camp 2016

After arriving at Ed Iman's fish camp earlier this month it didn't take long before word spread amongst the guides and the writers at the camp about the Handle Rite Pliers and Multi Hooks. We truly are excited for what is in store for our company as we see guides and mechanics take hold of these pliers for the first time and see the look in their eyes when they feel how naturally the loop handles work. We are overwhelmed with the response of how great of a concept they are and how they truly make unhooking a hooked fish or diving down into a motor an easier task! Once home from fish camp I decided to reach out the attendees of the camp and see how many people had photos using the pliers and multi hooks. It didn't take long before the pictures started rolling in. One guide even took the time to sit down and shoot a video of the pliers because of how well they work. You can find all of that content below!