The First and Only Loop Handle Pliers

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Why You Need Handle Rite Tools


Our Pliers

Handle Rite Tools makes the first and only Loop Handle Pliers. Inventor and Fishing Guide Bob Roberts was tired of loosing pliers overboard and developed the idea while fishing. Handle Rite's non slip grip and loop handles combined ensure that no matter the task you won't be dropping or losing our pliers. Whether it be fishing, working in the shop or doing crafts let Handle Rite Pliers work for you!


Our Multi-Hooks

Handle Rite's Multi-Hooks are a must have along with the pliers in your tool box and tackle box. These guys also use Handle Rite's non slip grip for maximum control and comfort. These little guys are great for holding up fish to pulling your kayak out of the water; and the next time you need to carry heavy greasy automotive part just pick it up with a Multi-Hook and let Handle Rite Multi-Hooks work for you!


The Future at Handle Rite

At Handle Rite we are always striving to bring you more great products. In the coming year we hope to introduce new styles and sizes of our Loop Handle Pliers. With every purchase made we get one step closer to our next product so be sure to take advantage of our great deals while they last. We hope to have some great new product in the near future that you can take and Let work for you!

Here's What A Pro Guide Has To Say!

Guide Austin Moser explains why he loves Handle Rite's loop handle pliers and multi use hooks.


I already own set of these pliers and I love them. Even bought a set for my dad. Can't wait to try out the hooks.

Tom Adams

Handle Rite Tools products are the "must have" tools in my boat.

Dan Ponciano

There is truly no comparison to these pliers. They just work. 

Austin Roberts